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A Sublimérito, is a company of projects of engineering, architecture and fiscalization of public and private works. Our mission is to analyze, design and present solutions to your ideas and needs. We present a staff specialized in the areas in which we operate - engineering, architecture, supervision, consulting - with proven experience in different fields. We put together all the elements to realize your idea, from the project to the inspection of the work. We develop projects in all areas of engineering and specialties, including architecture, for public or private entities, collective or singular. Sublimérito's goal is to successfully meet the current challenges of the local, national and international markets. To this end, we have developed a relationship of trust with the organizations with whom we work, whether in a service or partnership regime.

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Sublimérito proposes to intervene from orientarion of the client - according to its profile and needs - to the supervision of the work.


 Quality is our main goal.


Services provided by Sublimérito:
Design and analysis of civil engineering projects: Stability, water supply, drainage of domestic and rainwater sewage, acoustic, thermal under the RCCTE or RSECE, HVAC, electrical installations, telecommunications (ITED), gas and electromechanical installations;

- Elaboration and analysis of infrastructure projects:Allotments, streets, landscaping, water supply, sewage drainage, electricity, telecommunications, gas;

- Coordination, review and optimization of projects;

- Energetic certification;

- Fire safety projects and self-protection measures (MAP);

- Inspection and technical auditing services for buildings;

- Rehabilitation projects of buildings: Architecture and engineering specialties;

- Supervision and coordination of security of works of public and private works, for collective or singular entities;

- Health and safety plans;

- Plans for prevention and management of construction waste;

- Efficiency and energy systems;

- specialized technical studies for industry;

- Maps of measurements and budgets for public or private tenders;

- Real estate appraisal;



  • Quinta da Lagoa Housing Complex

    Project view

    Description: Infrastructure design Location: Vila Real Site area: 2,5 ha Date: 2012

  • Multifamily Building Pathology Evaluation

    Description: Building pathology surveying and intervention project designing. Location: Rua Júlio Diniz, n.º 3, Portela de Sacavém, Lisboa Date: 2012

  • Industrial Pavilion PMBN

    Description: Architecture and engineering projects for an industrial pavilion. Location: Industrial Park of Rio Maior, Rio Maior Gross area: 701 m2 Date: 2012

  • Rainwater Drainage of an Industrial Pavilion

    Description: Evaluation of the existing rainwater drainage systems in Sumol/Compal factory and project designing to create a new one independent from the industrial water. Location: Formiga’s Industrial Area, Pombal Site area: 4 ha Date: 2012

  • Residential Housing Complex Sifucel

    Project view

    Description: Design and coordination of the engineering projects for a residential housing complex, Sifucel, in Rio Maior, with 16 multifamily buildings and corresponding infrastructures. Location: Estrada das Marinhas do Sal, Rio Maior Gross area: 11.145,40 m2 Floor number: 5 Date: 2011/2012

  • 5 Floors Building in Rio Maior

    Description: Licensing engineering projects design of a 20 partitions building. Location: Rua Dr. Francisco Barbosa, Rio Maior Gross area: 3.698,90 m2 Floor number: 4 Date: 2012


  • Industrial Unit of Alumínios Cortizo

    Construction view

    Description: Safety coordination and construction management in the construction of the Alumínios Cortizo’s factory. Location: Parque de Negócios, Rio Maior Contractor: Alumínios Cortizo, S.A. Owner: Alumínios Cortizo Portugal, Lda. Cost: 2.135.000,00 €

  • Construction Administration of the Residential and Occupational Center “O NINHO”

    Construction view

    Description: Construction administration of the residential and occupational center “O Ninho” Location: Rua do Matadouro, Rio Maior Contractor: Secal – Engenharia e Construção, S.A. Owner: Centro de Educação Especial do Concelho de Rio Maior - O Ninho Cost: 1.135.683,33 €

  • Construction Administration of the Fisher Platform

    Construction view

    Description: Construction administration and safety coordination in the construction of the fisher platform industrial pavilion. Location: Porto de Pesca de Peniche, Peniche Owner: Grupo Auchan Contractor: Policon, SA Valor: 2.361.803,59 €

  • Safety Coordination in the Construction of the Escola Superior de Desporto (Sports Superior School)

    Construction view

    Description: Safety coordination in the construction of the Escola Superior de Desporto (Sports Superior School). Location: Av. Mário Soares, Rio Maior Owner: IPS Contractor: José Coutinho, SA Cost: 5.000.000 €

  • Construction Administration of Infrastructure

    Description: Infrastructure construction in a 4 single houses lots housing complex. Location: Ribeira de Santo André, Asseiceira, Rio Maior Contractor: F. Elias Unipessoal, Lda.

  • Construction Administration of Centro Escolar de Alcobertas (School Center)

    Construction view

    Description: Construction administration of the Centro Escolar de Alcobertas (School Cnter). Location: Alcobertas, Rio Maior Gross area: 1453 m2 Floor number: 2 pisos Owner: Câmara Municipal de Rio Maior Contractor: Costa & Carvalho, S.A. Cost: 1.351.854,91 €



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